100 Day Offensive – Politicalbetting.com

Yesterday saw Rishi Sunak’s one hundredth day in office and YouGov released some polling on his first hundred days and it made pretty bad reading for Sunak and the Tories.

The nicest thing people can say about Rishi Sunak is that he’s not some Boris Johnson or Liz Truss trash with a bar so low it’s actually touching the ground.

What is perhaps most damaging is that the Tory brand has not improved under Sunak, which makes me think that those hoping that the fact that Sunak is more popular than his party will lead to a better Tory performance in the next election will be sorely disappointed.

I think that the toxic legacy Jeremy Corbyn bequeathed to Sir Keir Starmer of 202 Labor MPs, even before the boundary changes, has made the prospect of a Labor majority disappear at the next election.

However, the behavior of the Tory Party over the past eighteen months, a dash for the cliff that would leave lemmings gasping for breath, has made me reassess the chances of a Labor majority at the next election.

The current iteration of the Tory Party is ungovernable despite all the political parties being united, with competing, conflicting wings vying for supremacy, while the return of Boris Johnson haunts the Tory Party like a sick man in white underwear and trousers. The outcome of the next election for the Tories could be much worse for the Tories than the current polls suggest