A suggested test for where socialism might work

BiS gives us:

I think it’s because they feel a certain ownership for public spaces. It is very common to see shopkeepers sweeping the pavement outside their shops. Even wash it. Many homeowners do the same thing.
And, of course, where they are starting from.

France? Paris. It’s dog po country. But then again poo patrol. Guy on a bright green motorbike. freeze it solid with liquid nitrogen, dump it in a bin in the back. (Lille had one too. Bordeaux did too.) I don’t know how it feels now. Running it from Hiidalgo vache. Pretty bad being told to me. Definitely socialist. French villages are generally spotless and shit-free. Again ownership of public space.

Thus, Spain’s bloc examines where socialism can work. Not full on morphism, but more general considerations of the public and not the private. Where the public is already considered more and the private less.

Fortunately this is easy to test for. Municipal socialism will not work where the sidewalks are littered with dog poop. It can work where people clean up that public space because there is ownership of the public space.

We can test this well enough – those small French villages and towns, Mairie (??) in their local governance and bureaucracy do quite well with respect to the Bjorns Beer Effect.

So, the idea at least has merit.

So, I suggest the “BiS Dog Shit Test”. Check for dog poop. Its absence tells us that more socialism could – could – work. Presence that will not be.

Of course, there is a significant problem with the test’s implication. Which is why socialism is needed if we already have private ownership of public space leading to a lack of dogs?