Yet it also threatens to derail a blockbuster rights deal that would have paid the group $500m (£413m).

So, they are looking to sell the rights. Hypgnosis and the like. It looks like a rich, rich, price:

By comparison, Bob Dylan’s songs are estimated to have sold around $300 million. Bruce Springsteen sold his back catalog for $550 million in 2021, though it included both recording and publishing rights.

The auction owns Pink Floyd’s recording rights but not publishing rights. This means that while the buyer gains control of the recorded music, they do not own the composition themselves.

Ah, no, that’s a ridiculous price. It also explains:

In a further sign of the deteriorating relationship, Waters told the Telegraph this week that he re-recorded The Dark Side of the Moon from scratch, cutting out his bandmates in the process.

These rights will only cover older versions, not newer ones. Like Taylor Swift re-recording her albums

Rights come in different flavors. And trying to sell just running out, being partially replaced, seems steep for about half a billion, no? Especially when the songs themselves have been around for a long time, 70 plus years to go, aren’t they included?