Arguments against a carbon tax

oh dear:

A carbon dioxide tax is a fee
Taxes on the use of carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil, and
Natural gas.1
Although carbon
Dioxide tax is often mentioned
As “revenue neutral,” the objective
A carbon dioxide tax is required
Conventional energy is so expensive
People will be forced to buy
Wind and solar energy, which
Already too expensive.
Under a “revenue-neutral” carbon
Dioxide tax system, energy bill and
Prices of goods and services rise dramatically throughout the economy
Because industry and individuals
Increasingly more dependent on expensive
wind and solar energy. If there were people
Buy expensive wind and solar
Power alone, will not be there
No carbon dioxide tax to be collected, therefore
No revenue will be collected. when
That is, the carbon dioxide tax
It becomes revenue neutral for the government but incurs substantial costs
Analysts have found that time and time again
A carbon dioxide tax will increase energy costs, affecting all consumers. for
For example, researcher Mark Hofstede
And Paul Picciano conducts an analysis of carbon dioxide tax estimates
will raise $50 per metric ton
Gasoline costs 44 cents a gallon in
United States.3
(See Figure 1.) the
The same tax would raise natural gas and
Coal prices – which account for approx
Two-thirds of U.S. electricity generation—62 percent and 330 percent, respectively.

The bit about revenue neutrality is wrong – simply wrong.

Gas raises by 44 cents, gas and coal prices – yes, it’s damn points.