Where Naomi Klein goes wrong

Well, trying to narrow it down a bit from “everywhere” of course. I always think of climate justice as multitasking. We live in a time of multiple overlapping crises: we have a health emergency; We have a housing emergency; We have an inequality imperative; We have a racial injustice emergency; And we have a climate … Read more

We just flipped Kos and The Nature of the Farm

You can get a Nobel for what Amazon does. Ronald Kos asked, Well, why do we have a farm? What is the topic of discussion? We may have networks of people who cooperate at times and not at others. So, why that central monolith of the firm? The answer is that sometimes centralization is more … Read more

AI Song Generation – The Value of Economic Fundamentals

Musicians face an artificial intelligence nightmare since the rise of song generators like ChatGPT, the world’s biggest record label says. Universal Music has warned that AI-created music threatens “massive and lasting harm” to artists and a Napster-style crisis without strong copyright protections. So-called generative AI models have created an uproar among illustrators for using human-generated … Read more

Advocacy strategies and tactics developed

Advocacy strategies have changed over time Advocacy strategies and advocacy campaign strategies will constantly change over time and so will we. When I was a chief of staff in the New York State Legislature, I don’t recall ever seeing a concerted public affairs campaign focusing on legislators to raise public support for an issue. The … Read more

Supreme Court Showdown Over Biden’s Student Loan Relief Program, In

On the last day of February, the Supreme Court will consider the fate of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. The legal issues are straightforward: A federal law known as the HEROES Act expressly authorizes the program that Biden announced in the summer of 2022, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Under that program, most … Read more

Sounds about right Tim Worstall

“While I have a lot of sympathy for the farmers, as far as I can tell these subsidies are mostly designed to help the farmers make a living rather than cultivating the land. So I wonder what the real economic benefits are.” If you mean the new ‘ELMS’ scheme then yes you are right, most … Read more


So, big bad telecom companies will raise prices: So, a simple question. Who is it that is racheting upward inflation? Is it multinational corporations, such as these, or nurses, teachers and railway workers? Is the answer not obvious? And what is the government doing with this base of monopoly power? It is asking very nicely … Read more


Yet it also threatens to derail a blockbuster rights deal that would have paid the group $500m (£413m). So, they are looking to sell the rights. Hypgnosis and the like. It looks like a rich, rich, price: By comparison, Bob Dylan’s songs are estimated to have sold around $300 million. Bruce Springsteen sold his back … Read more

President Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address last week

Biden’s speech was inspiring. It was full of information telling Americans how much he has achieved for them and the country since defeating Donald Trump. The 35% percent of Americans who believe Fox conspiracy theories have no idea our economy is strong because Fox entertainment journalists believe their viewers are too stupid to understand what … Read more