Arguments against a carbon tax

oh dear: A carbon dioxide tax is a feeTaxes on the use of carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil, andNatural gas.1Although carbonDioxide tax is often mentionedAs “revenue neutral,” the objectiveA carbon dioxide tax is requiredConventional energy is so expensivePeople will be forced to buyWind and solar energy, whichAlready too expensive.Under a “revenue-neutral” carbonDioxide tax system, … Read more

Guided by expert advice from the intelligence community and the military,

President Biden serves as President of the United States like a competent adult. In contrast, Donald Trump leads the country like an emotional, dangerous, self-centered child. On Wednesday, Biden ordered the spy balloon shot down, but deferred to the Pentagon’s advice until they felt it posed no physical danger to the public or property. Unsuspecting … Read more