FAQs For Sellers

Rebaid is an amazing platform for sellers to market and sell their products. They can provide discounts and rebates for their products to attract shoppers and increase sales. However, if you are a seller and have any questions about the platform, then you might find this section useful.


Frequently Asked Questions For Sellers

Is it necessary for shoppers to leave reviews?

Rebaid is not a review site. As a condition of their rebate payment, shoppers are not required to leave a product review. It is okay to ask for a review, but you are not allowed to reward them. By using the SMS text message system, you can create a message template that will be sent to shoppers after their redemption and rebate payment has been processed.

What is the process of issuing rebate payments to shoppers?

Typically, shoppers receive their rebate payments in the mail 5-6 weeks after they redeem your offer and make a purchase on Amazon. They offer a faster direct deposit service to trusted customers on a limited basis. In the case of their direct deposit service, they reserve the right to charge back rebate payments if they identify that the shopper violated the terms of redemption as described above.


Can I contact shoppers who redeem my offer?

Yes. With Rebaid, Amazon sellers have access to the most effective shopper messaging system available. You can find the SMS text follow-up system on your dashboard under the shopper messaging tab. In this paid upgrade, sellers can design a message template that is sent to each shopper who redeems their offer by SMS text message. With a 99% open rate, this message delivery method is an excellent way to reach and engage shoppers who redeem your offer!

Is it possible to run a rebate campaign on Amazon while using coupons?

It is possible, and many sellers have done so without issue. When creating a Rebaid campaign, make sure to list the sale price after clipping the coupon as the cost of your Amazon listing after clipping an active coupon. Additionally, please include a notice at the top of your Rebaid campaign product description instructing shoppers to use the coupon to match the pre-rebate purchase price.