FAQs For Shopper

When you use the Rebaid platform, you can take advantage of exclusive deals that can save you a lot. You can receive rebates and discounts on your purchases through the said portal. If you complete your registration successfully, you will be able to access the portal.


There are several frequently asked questions for shoppers in the following guide to assist you with any questions or queries concerning the official platform.

Frequently Asked Questions For Shoppers

Is it possible to resell products purchased through Rebaid?

That’s not possible. Rebaid allows brands to showcase their products so real shoppers can test and evaluate them. Rebaid does not allow other merchants to resell these products. Shoppers who use Rebaid to purchase products for resale will not be able to access the platform.

What should I do if I am unable to log into my account?

Please click the forgot password link on the login screen if you have forgotten your password. Instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to you. In case you do not receive the reset email or have any other issues, please click the contact us link to create a support ticket. Most support requests are answered on the same day.

My rebate redemption appears to have been canceled. Why?

The vast majority of cases where a redemption appears as canceled on your shopper dashboard involve unconfirmed orders. When you place an order on Amazon, it is important to return to Rebaid. This is the last step in the redemption process. Your rebate is scheduled to be paid when the Amazon order number has been confirmed.

Does my account need to be verified?

Yes. In order to send payments, we must meet minimum identity verification requirements. This process takes just seconds and only needs to be done once. On your Rebaid dashboard, click the Verify Now button, enter your mobile phone number, and you will receive a text message with a verification code. Once you enter the code in your dashboard, your account will be verified.