House Republicans have begun their alt-right messaging on majority rule. lie

The House passed bills this week that pandered to the base and did nothing for the American people. “The House voted 220 to 210, with one vote “present” on a bill that would require a baby born alive during an abortion to receive medical care and criminalize abortion providers who fail to provide medical care to live-born babies. (Wall Street Journal , January 11, 2023). The bill, titled the “Live-Birth Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” was criticized by House member Dr. Nancy Mays who said the bill was ridiculous because “living babies are not killed, that’s not a thing.” Her negatives about the bill Despite the opinion, Mays voted for it anyway. The House also passed a bill to protect anti-abortion centers from violence that said nothing about protecting violence against clinics that perform abortions. McCarthy and his surrogates are out of touch with the fact that 60 % of American women support abortion rights. The House is not a serious legislative body. It is a message center for alt-right ideology.

The other bill passed is titled the ‘Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act,’ and has no substance. Middle America will see its tax liability rise until this bill is passed, a lie. It’s the false message of Republican lawmakers and the conservative media to distract from their agenda that favors the rich. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has assured Americans that these bills will die in the Senate.

Several students heard witness Jim Jordan downplaying and not reporting allegations of sexual misconduct against athletes by Ohio State’s team doctor 10 years ago. Ohio, like most Republican states, made the scandal disappear. Protecting elected officials is more important to the GOP than ethics or the law. In contrast, Democrats expel their members for misconduct that doesn’t come close to the seriousness of the allegations against Jim Jordan and Donald Trump. Men like Gaetz, Trump and Jordan are the face of a Republican Party full of toxic men whose narcissism and insecurities are transparent and insulting.
It took McCarthy 15 rounds of voting to be elected Speaker. He practiced kissing Tetump’s ass for 2 years. He has begged and ass-kissed his way to winning the gavel while simultaneously undermining the speaker’s role. After declaring Trump partially responsible for the attack on the Capitol, McCarthy panicked and rushed to Mara-a-Lago to thank Trump himself. He is a tested coward, unabashed hypocrite and pathological opportunist. He is proving his loyalty to himself and gaining power. Truth, morality and the Constitution are irrelevant to McCarthy. Additionally, while other House Republicans have called for Santos to resign, McCarthy is pushing ahead, initially directing Santos to serve on the committee.

Listen to McCarthy, the most hypocritical creature in the swamp, the most hypocritical creature in government talk. He can’t stop making a fool of himself by publicly kissing Trump’s ass and pointing out to others the exact crimes and despicable behavior that Trump has committed. He is a clichéd version of a shallow, power-hungry politician who is dishonest and panders to whoever wants to keep him in office. His stinginess is a major deterrent to the women opposite Marjorie Taylor Green.

Here is the beginning of Trump’s crimes, violations of the Constitution, and indecency describing a man unfit for office. McCarthy’s support for Trump should disqualify him and the MAGA members who control him:

  • His company, the Trump Organization, was convicted of tax fraud and fined $1.6 million.
  • The Trump charity was convicted of fraud and forced to close
  • Trump University was found guilty of fraud and ordered to pay restitution to the students he defrauded
  • He stole hundreds of documents from the White House, hid them at Mara-a-Lago, and refused to return them to the government, claiming they were his.
  • During the 2016 election process, President Zelensky was impeached for withholding military aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force him to investigate his opponent, Joe Biden.
  • He was impeached a second time for ordering an armed mob of rioters into the Capitol to stop Joe Biden’s presidential victory certificate.
  • He lied about the 2020 election being stolen from him through massive fraud that did not exist.
  • He tried to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia by asking the Secretary of State to get enough votes for him to win.
  • On January 6th the House Select Committee recommended that the DOJ charge Joe Biden with conspiring with allies to steal Electoral College votes he won.
  • He lied under oath in a written deposition to Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation.
  • He referred to the Attorney General, William Burr, as “his attorney” and directed him to defend his associates charged with federal crimes.
  • He ordered teargas fired at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters
  • He politicized the military by requesting to meet with him during a BLM protest in Washington DC and request a photo op protest.
  • He used campaign funds from donors for personal purposes
  • He broke campaign finance laws by quietly paying Piron star Stormy Daniels.
  • Throughout his presidency, he refused to condemn white supremacist groups and expressed gratitude for their support.
  • He lied about being on his tax audit and refused to release his tax returns. Ultimately, the court acquitted them and they are under investigation for possible tax evasion.
  • He aligned himself with dangerous dictators and enemies of the early state while alienating allies.

This action of Trump is undoubtedly true. These are proved by his confession, video or audio evidence and eyewitness testimony. Is it Trump who has hijacked the Republican Party or are the real criminals members of Congress and gullible voters who enable his madness?

Published by rebeccasperber