Kevin McCarthy is railing against Democrat spending practices despite reality

Joe Biden inherited Trump’s economic failures that economists call epically disastrous. Trump’s tax cuts for the rich never paid for themselves, and the deficit has ballooned to more than $1 trillion and the national debt to $7.8 trillion. The GOP was happy as long as the rich got richer. Republicans drop sound bites on spending cuts They don’t want to fund programs that help low- and middle-income families. During Republican presidencies, the focus is on the culture war, enriching the upper classes, the military, and the 2nd Amendment. Programs to help the poor and disabled are not on the Republican agenda.
Republicans want smaller government and constitutional powers to suit their elitist agenda. Low-income, rural Americans eat up millions in money and services from federal entitlement programs and yet hypocritically claim they are for smaller government. Republicans are crying out for their liberties. “Don’t touch our guns,” they insist. “Don’t limit our hate speech.” “Don’t restrict the teaching of the Bible and Christian history” while they advocate denying the government the right to control her reproductive freedom and health care choices. They want the government to prevent people with different views and lifestyles that the alt-right opposes.

How do misogynist men in this white republic want to legally deny the right to get a vasectomy? How would Christians like to restrict the government from teaching something related to their history that offends minorities? Hypocrisy is immoral.

Republicans have been hypocritical for decades. Gaining political power has always been more important to the GOP than political morality or ethics. Nine months before the end of Obama’s presidency, Senator Mitch McConnell blocked the president from appointing Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. McConnell claimed it was too close to the next presidential election to be appointed by the ruling party. Conversely, he was not concerned about the timing of ‘judge appointments when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died three weeks before the 2020 presidential election. McConnell, sensing Trump would lose, ignored his earlier argument about waiting until the public voted. His morbid appetite for power drives him to block the appointment of a liberal judge so that he can appoint a Federalist Society judge.. McConnell’s style of corruption should be grounds for ethical violations and disqualification from serving in any position of leadership.
Republicans led the outcry over the John Edwards hush money, mistress sex scandal during the 2000 presidential campaign. However, when Donald Trump named porn star Stormy Daniels as a co-conspirator in the hush-hush campaign finance scandal, Republicans condoned his criminal, unethical actions and blamed his attorney Michael Cohen for the crime. Republicans rap themselves on the Bible when it’s convenient and violate it in the name of political power.

American Christians have sold the Bible by idolizing an unrepentant adulterer, liar and deceiver like Trump. Trump’s corrupt and hateful personality has contributed to the mass deaths of Americans (his failed covid policy), lawyers losing their licenses and careers, Republicans losing elections, record-breaking job losses, ballooning debt and deficits, and the death of truth. The incomprehension of Christians is a tragedy that makes Trump smile as he collects their donations to line his pockets while they scrape pennies to survive. If the Bible is to be respected, Trump needs to go to jail and go bankrupt (again), so our country and millions of Americans can be warned of criminal bloodshed.

Senator Lindsey Graham represents that the GOP has become a group of power-hungry hypocrites who threaten the survival of our democracy and tarnish America’s moral image to the rest of the world. Trump must be threatening to kick Graham out because Lindsay is acting like a scared hostage who feels trapped and dehumanized.

The Republican Party is unrecognizable from its origins. Blame the majority of passive, traditional Republicans. They chose opportunism and power over democracy and loyalty to American ethics. They will continue to lose elections until they get rid of Trump and all his surrogates who plan to transform America into a racist dictatorship. History will blame passive, silent Republicans equally with Trump for the revolt and hateful assault on American values.

Published by rebeccasperber