Kevin McCarthy isn’t really Speaker of the House. Donald Trump pulls

How often will Trump supporters continue to pay Trump fines and attorney fees before they realize they are being scammed? How many times will they believe that crimes and investigations are baseless allegations? How long will they refuse to accept proven facts over proven lies? Something will inevitably stop Trump and Trumpism. However, it is not clear whether this will be the judiciary, violence, or an act of God he does not believe in.

Trump-lovers should ask themselves: Why is Trump the only former American president and the only leader of any democracy who continues to refuse to concede defeat to an incumbent?? His behavior suggests that he is a disturbed individual suffering from malignant narcissism and sociopathic personality disorder.And. Thousands of mental health professionals America has been warning since 2017 that Trump is abnormal and the threat to America that has delegated power to him national security.

Hopefully, there is a mechanism in place in the judicial branch to intervene in Speaker McCarthy’s invocation of Trump’s covert, partisan intrusion into the business of the House of Representatives. What can federal judges do? What can concerned non-MAGA Republican members of Congress do to expose the corruption McCarthy is engaging in? Will enough non-MAGA Republicans vote against the coup McCarthy and Trump are conducting? McCarthy is Trump’s criminal strategy to harm America.

The only reason Trump endorsed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker is because he knew the Bakersfield, CC congressman would make him the defacto Speaker of the House. Trump hates McCarthy. It is a familiar phenomenon in Washington circles. McCarthy’s statement blaming Trump for the rebellion killed any chance Trump had of liking him. However, Trump recognized McCarthy as a vulnerable narcissist, being an epic CC himself, making him the perfect puppet to keep the disgraced former president in control of one branch of government. Trump supporters will lose their minds if Democrats perpetrate this kind of blatant corruption. If Trump, Steve Bannon, Kevin McCarthy, and the MAGA members of Congress successfully dismantle our democracy, while angry Democrats gain control, the agenda of Republican voters will have no protection from the opposition. Under these circumstances, autocracy would have nothing to rally around.

The Republican leadership’s defense of Jorge Santos is evidence of their corrupt pursuit of power at the expense of the integrity of our government institutions. It’s a lie that McCarthy “needs” Santos’ votes to hold on to his slim majority in the House. No, he doesn’t! Without the disgraced Santos, Republicans would remain in the majority. Republicans are not bothered by lies, criminal behavior, or the low character of other Republicans. Evidence of this is their continued acceptance and defense of Donald Trump’s grave character flaws and fraudulent, criminal behavior. Democrats, by contrast, throw their members out of office on suggestions of immorality, misconduct, or fraud. Both teams have flawed people. The difference is that Republicans accept inferior behavior because power is more important to them than decency and patriotism.

Decent, patriotic Republicans have the power to stop the erosion of their party by Donald Trump and power-hungry members of Congress, corrupt attorneys and unsuspecting voters. If they split the party and run against the MAGA wing, it will end the GOP coup against the American way of life.

Published by rebeccasperber