Lease Truss Makes a Comeback –

No, today is not April Fool’s Day, the Times reported on Sunak’s plight

This weekend [Liz] Truss will make his first public intervention since the end of his premiership, with an opinion calling for tax cuts and supply-side reforms. His allies say he stands by his prescription for growth but admits he tried to do too much as prime minister. “He thinks he’s lost the battle but it’s a long game,” said an ally.

His supporters are reviving old WhatsApp groups from his leadership campaign. His premiership may be consigned to history but the views he put forward, particularly on tax cuts, remain part of the Tories’ DNA.

Truss is particularly entrenched in his view that the Office for Budget Responsibility, the agency that produces official forecasts, has too much power. “He thinks they can make and break governments, we have outsourced decision-making and economic policy to an unelected body,” Mitra said.

Truss, they claimed, still held out “half hope” that he could lead the Tories in opposition despite the turbulence of his premiership. “He thinks it’s probably someone from existing eaters,” they said.

I have to admit I’m surprised and a bit worried for Liz Truss that she has no awareness of how awful her Prime Ministership was and that even Tory MPs or Members won’t support her again, especially when Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg stand up and support Truss. Maybe pick up later. Even the Tory Party in its current Jonestown phase would not make that mistake.

As far as I can see Liz Truss is not listed in any next Tory Leader/Next PM market, I am prepared to sell my family into indentured servitude to get the funds to put her in the next Tory Leader/Next PM market if she is added.


PS – That said, my apologies to Pibber’s Doug Sill, who was ahead of any of us in predicting a lease truss return, while I was scoffing at such a return. If that happens, Doug deserves even more praise for his Nostradamus-like powers.