Rebaid provides you with discounts for specific Amazon purchases and purchases on other websites. Companies and individuals who sell the products pay Rebaid to make sure that they are exposed to the public, so they can be considered unique.


Creating a Rebaid seller account is easy and free! Your account will be ready for you to create discount or rebate campaigns once you have registered. Creating a campaign requires you to enter some basic information about your product; description, images, etc. Also, you can set a rebate or discount percentage that you would like to offer to shoppers on Rebaid.


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Rebaid charges a $2.95 fee for rebate campaigns that include a rebate check sent to shoppers who redeem your offer. The fee is charged at the end of your campaign and is $2.95 per order generated through Rebaid. You do not have to pay anything for discount campaigns! Rebaid discount campaign is a newly released feature, and they are proud to offer this campaign type for free.

What Are The Login Steps For Rebaid?

After successfully completing the login process, you can access the portal services. You must register before you can access your account. Please refer to the following section for information about registering for an account if you do not already have one. Logging into Rebaid is as follows:


  • On your mobile phone or laptop, you can access the official website at www.rebaid.com.
  • On the homepage, click the Sign-Up/Sign In button.
  • Enter the username and password you created when you registered when the login page appears.
  • Click the submit button once you have verified all the details.

You can get Amazon rebates from Rebaid that give you up to 100% off new products at Amazon.com. Once you have created an account and purchased products from their list of participating products, you will receive rebate payments within three days.

The Rebaid program allows you to get significant discounts on specific Amazon purchases. Due to the fact that individuals and businesses selling the items pay Rebaid to expose them to Rebaid users, the items are unique.

You can pay rebates with Rebaid in two convenient ways. Approximately five to six weeks after you redeem, you will receive your mailed checks. You can also deposit the funds directly into your bank account. Payment for this payment option costs $1 per transaction and is deposited directly into your checking account within five days of redemption.

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