Nah, no, belly laughs

Britain’s unemployed could be employed as waiters and bartenders to ease the country’s labor shortage, Downing Street has said.

The problem with this is that no one in the current ruling class has ever worked as a bartender or waiter. So they have no idea how easy or difficult it is.

It’s actually skilled – and physically demanding – labor. One of the reasons I hate Ough Somes is that he used to make fun of John Prescott for being a steward. Prescott would shout “gin and tonic, gin and tonic” as he spoke in the House. Well, given Prescott, language is beating, not talking. And lord knows I thought Prescott was a bad politician – I was the one who did this “fuckwit” googlebomb. But the steward thing? tosser

It’s hard work. It’s not really something you pick someone up off the couch with a pizza spread on. Well, unless you want to make British table service worse than it already is.

Note, please, that I am really complaining that this is not the idea itself. It’s that none of these people have enough life experience to understand why It is such a bad idea.