Scottish leader ratings from Ipsos – not good for sage –

And Sturgeon gets the worst marks

A Scotland-only poll is rare and we have a new poll from Ipsos Major leader ratings are featured in their charts above.

I really like that pollsters these days are working very hard to find different ways to present their results and the above is one thing.

While 43% of the public have a favorable opinion of Nicola Sturgeon, an identical proportion – 43% – have an unfavorable one. This gives him a neutral ‘net’ favorable score which is lower than the positive net score of +8 recorded in October 2022. Other results

  • 60% of Scots have an unfavorable opinion of Sage Sunak, with only 18% favourable. His favorability among Scots is now at the same level as in August 2022, when he ran against Liz Truss for the leadership of the Conservative Party.
  • Douglas Ross has a similarly low ‘net’ favorability rating – just 15% favorable to the Scottish Conservative leader, 56% unfavorable
  • Opinions on both Scottish Labor leader Annas Sarwar and UK Labor leader Keir Starmer are more evenly split, with about a third favorable, a third unfavorable and a third neither favorable nor unfavorable or undecided.

Mike Smithson