Sellers Guide

With Rebaid, you can choose from 4 monthly plan tiers with a flat fee ranging from $79 to $479, depending on the volume of rebate redemptions and discount code clips you anticipate generating. Rebaid also offers a free trial to new sellers.


A new product is added to the platform every day, and you are not limited to the number of products you can purchase. You can access the Rebaid Login portal for free, there are no credit cards required, and all purchases are made through Amazon (as usual). There is no need to leave a review since it is not a review platform, so all you have to do is buy the product.

How Rebaid Works For Sellers?

You can take advantage of Rebaid For Sellers as a seller. Here are some tips:

Enter Product Information

If you are a seller, you should enter basic information about your product and upload images. This will serve as the basis for your promotion page. Alternatively, you can search for buy keywords that shoppers can use to locate your product on the marketplace.

Enter Rebate Information

Your next step is to enter the number of daily units and rebate value you wish to offer. You can either set a maximum number of units during the campaign’s duration or pause it.

Fund and Launch

You’ll fund the rebates you’re offering customers in the final step. Your campaign will be set up with a maximum number of units, and you will have the option of refunding your full campaign or paying day-by-day. Your campaign will be funded on a day-to-day basis if you have set it to continue until paused. After funding, your campaign will be reviewed and activated within 2-3 hours. Shoppers will see your promotion as soon as it is activated, and sales can begin immediately.