Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the self-proclaimed White are nauseated

Women are warning Kevin McCarthy’s wife to watch out for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Livefest with McCarthy. The newly single Greene (her husband divorced her) and McCarthy are gushing over each other and reveling in the power Trump has given them in the House. Their physical display of affection is a combination of performance politics, hypocrisy and opportunism. McCarthy is owned by an alt-right airhead in Georgia who is ineligible to serve in Congress, but his job paramour has placed him on the Homeland Security and Oversight Committee.

Green and McCarthy defended the rebels and called them patriots and insulted the police who defended democracy on January 6. Green said that if he had led the mob that day, “they would have had guns”. He also referred to 911 as a conspiracy theory. He was removed from the committee last Congress for making violent threats against members of Congress. Green is clearly acting to control how Speaker McCarthy will lead the House. He cares more about power than doing what is best for America. By supporting Green, Paul Gosser, Matt Getz, and other alt-right conspiracy theorists who promote “big lies,” racism, and the loss of constitutionally protected rights, McCarthy has become a traitor to democracy. Make him squirm, squirm, sulk, and act as if he cares passionately about America’s well-being.

Why did MTG fall in love with McCarthy for not being strictly alt-diet against him? Insiders say Trump convinced him that McCarthy’s appetite and hunger for power would give them control of the House if they supported him. McCarthy is so naive he still doesn’t realize that Trump’s endorsement and Greene’s was not a compliment. He is floundering in power, and he has begun to carry out promises based on revenge and conspiracy theories against the Greens and other all-right disenfranchised members of the House. it is

The work of the Homeland Security Committee is one of the most important committees of Congress. Congress established the Homeland Security Committee as a standing committee in 2005 Ensure that the American people are protected from terrorist attacks. The committee focuses on legislation and oversight related to protecting America’s security. Members of the committee should have extensive knowledge of the economy, government agencies, and analysis of the relationship between US and international organizations.

Appointing Marjory Taylor Greene to this committee is an affront to the Constitution, Congress, and America’s national security.TY Non-MAGA House Republicans must join Democrats and remove Kevin McCarthy from the House.. Democrats must convince 5 Republicans from moderate districts to vote against MAGA members and get a majority vote. This is the fastest way to eliminate McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Green who said:

  • “America Should Stand Up For White Nationalism”
  • Space lasers funded by Jewish billionaires started California wildfires
  • “Having Muslim members in Congress is tantamount to “taking over” the government
  • “Equality will destroy God’s creation”
  • “There are only two sexes: male and female. Trust the science”. (He’s a hypocrite and dumb. Why didn’t he believe and preach during the covid pandemic when more Republicans listened to him and Trump trashed scientists)?
  • “Teaching racism and promoting sexism, homophobia, and normalizing transgenderism to children is mental/emotional child abuse.”
  • “Trans people have unnatural imaginations”.
  • “Gazpacho Police”
  • “There’s a plot to turn everyone gay or trans.”
  • FBI informants were planted at Mara-a-Lago
  • “If I had led the uprising on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol that “we would have won” and the people would have been “armed”.

These statements indicate a person who is dumb, violent, racist, a conspiracy theorist, dangerous, and an anti-Semitic. The Republican Party legitimized him and denigrated their party. A change in the constitution is now essential to save democracy. Hate-driven, racist and incompetent elected officials should be allowed to be legally removed from office. If voters get it wrong, they must challenge the power of their vote to protect democracy.

Rest assured. This fake Christian “woman” attended a Young Republican convention this year wearing an off-shoulder slinky black gown with a slit up to her crotch. See McCarthy!