The results of this week’s record-breaking jobs report speak volumes. Biden

Despite inheriting a trashed economy due to Trump’s foolish handling of the Covid pandemic, President Biden’s economic plan for economic recovery is working. Economists all agree that inflation is a direct result of the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, not Biden’s policies, and Republicans know it.
Besides making better policies, having better ethics and being more efficient, Joe Biden cares about helping people, not using them. Trump is the opposite of Biden, and not in a good way.

The following sentiments best describe Donald Trump’s disturbing ideology:

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” “A sucker is born every minute”, “America is a white Christian country”, “Dictators are smart, mean, strong and next door. That I admire”, “Rich people are smart, poor Not people. I like smart well”, “Only I can fix it.”

Autocracy, arrogance, racism, and mental instability ooze from every aspect of Trump’s personality and ideals. Republican Rick Scott said “Trump will be America’s cancer” and he was right. Among the human tumors he has created that are destroying our democracy are: Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican Marjory Taylor Green, Republican Matt Gaetz, Rudy Guiliani, Steve Bannon, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Fox News conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson, white nationalists, militias Group, Elon Musk and every silent Republican member of Congress to name just a few.

America has never had a president and first family as criminal, cruel, barbaric, rude, drug addict and dangerous as Trump. Forbes magazine reported on December 23, 2019, “In a masterpiece reporting by Dan Alexander that Eric Trump, at the behest of his father, the future president, transferred money to the Trump Organization to help children with cancer. Following this story, the New York Attorney General announced an investigation. And Alexander’s work won a Deadline Club Award for Best Business Feature.”

Despite other examples of brutal, criminal activity under Trump’s leadership, the current Republican Party stands by him. His premise, not seen as the brightest of bright thinkers, denies factual evidence and personal admissions by Trump himself that he has committed crimes and grossly immoral acts against American citizens. Here are examples of why those who still support Trump’s pursuit of the presidency are unpatriotic and a danger to the survival of democracy.

  • Students enrolled in fraudulent Trump universities have been defrauded financially
  • Illegally paid a porn star during the 2015 presidential election
  • Asked the Georgia Secretary of State to change the vote and make him win Georgia
  • The Trump Organization has been found guilty of tax evasion
  • Stole hundreds of classified documents from the White House, hid them at Mara-a-Lago, and refused to turn them over to the FBI.
  • Repeatedly violated the Presidential Records Act by destroying documents while in office.
  • Misuse of campaign donations for personal use.
  • Lied under oath to special prosecutor Robert Mueller
  • White nationalist rally in Charlottesville refers to Nazis as “good people”.
  • Migrant children are brutally separated from their parents at the southern border
  • Lies about the deadly threat of the coronavirus contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
  • Pushes the DOJ to intervene in cases where his friends are being prosecuted for federal crimes.
  • The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election resulted in 10 felony convictions for obstruction of justice.
  • He committed adultery in all three of his marriages
  • He encouraged a crowd he knew to be armed to go to the Capitol and stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.
  • VP Mike Pence was publicly pressured to refuse to certify the electoral vote as illegal. incited mobs against Pence and did nothing to stop the uprising when ” Mike Pence was hanged by a violent mob.
  • Deceiving the American people by saying he won the election when there is evidence that he lost.
  • Accepts the support of white nationalist hate groups. Refuse to publicly condemn them.
  • Penalty for abuse of court system for filing false cases

The list of legal violations, ethical misconduct and unethical acts extends beyond the above examples. Republican leaders must lead their party out of the Trump rabbit hole of corruption and tyranny. GOP members of Congress must grow a spine, reject Trump, and reject all maga surrogatesS.

The GOP must reject the ideology of alt-right extremism. It’s not about conservatives becoming Democrats. It is about rejecting racism, white nationalism, violence, misogyny, religion in government and the transformation of democracy into dictatorship.

For Republicans who would never vote for a Democrat, why not switch to supporting Republicans who respect and protect the Constitution? Why continue to choose a deceitful, corrupt, crude, incompetent global embarrassment when there are better people to help? If you can’t answer that, go to therapy and find the answer. Save America from Trump and future threats to our country like Marjorie Taylor Green, Governor Sarah Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, and part of the MAGA movement.