Time for LAB leader punters to move on from Burnham? –

Former PBer Alistair Meeks’ tweet last night certainly spoke to me as it became a betting nonsense that Andy Burnham remains favorite to succeed Starmer.

Burnham, it may be remembered, had twice previously failed to become leader and mayor of Greater Manchester. The only way he can be nominated for the Labor leadership is if he is an MP which he is not.

The massive transformation at the top of the Labor Party since Starmer’s arrival is completely ignored by those betting on him for leader. It is heading into the general election with a top party that is perhaps better known than their opposite numbers. in government and give the impression of being far more competent. .

Rachel Reeves, Yvette Cooper and Wes Streeting to name just three, and it’s hard to think of Tory figures who match their political appeal or name recognition.

This is a dying Tory government and it will only get worse until the final vote.

Mike Smithson