YouTube vs. Wistia: The Platform for Your Nonprofit Video Content

Platform for your video content

YouTube is the main platform for many people when it comes to non-profit video content. There’s a whole culture around YouTube, which leads many people to assume that it’s the only platform to use to host your videos.

But, with video becoming increasingly important to politics, nonprofits, and associations as a way to connect with each other, get conversions, build an audience, and grow authority, it’s time for us to look at YouTube and say: Is this the only way to go?

Log in to Wistia. Wistia is a video platform, similar to YouTube, but with one key difference: it allows you to host a video on your website instead of just hosting it on YouTube. This allows you to fully understand your video metrics and increase your SEO on your website. With YouTube, you can’t host videos on your site. Instead, it will link to your YouTube channel.

So, what are the pros and cons of Wistia vs YouTube?

YouTube has its own universe. YouTube is a platform in itself. It has a built-in audience that can connect to your problem or cause This is useful, but can often be limiting.

YouTube has built-in ads. These ads can confuse viewers or even drive them to a competitor.
YouTube drives links elsewhere. If your YouTube video is linked somewhere, it will drive traffic to YouTube, not to your chosen landing page. This means you are not building backlinks to your site or site authority. Aggregating grants is also not intuitive, and advocacy asks for ads for all sectors Recently, YouTube included donation cards for C3s and some C4s, but it’s not available for all 501c4 and other political organizations. Wistia makes it easy.

Don’t neglect YouTube. At the end of the day, YouTube has a built-in audience and it’s used a ton for a reason.

Costs are not everything. Wistia has an additional cost, but it is not outrageous. This gives you more control over your non-profit video content than YouTube alone

So, give Wistia a try with a free trial, or email us, and we can chat with you about your options.

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